Maxwell Omdal

Iā€™m building new things. Currently curious about electronics, the small web, and resource sharing.


  1. The Green Imperative By Victor Papanek

    Book Notes

    May 09 2023
  2. How to capture code snippets from Obsidian and add to Alfred Snippets

    A simple way to flag certain snippets you'd like to see appear in Alfred

    May 07 2023
  3. Writing a Discord bot with Python and aiocron

    A quick example with's 2.0 framework

    Apr 22 2023
  4. This blog post is automatically published

    Well.. At least it's supposed to be

    Mar 09 2023
  5. Earth šŸŖ to Localhost

    Setting up a NAS with Apple Filing Protocol

    Jan 31 2023
  6. Interesting Blogs and Bloggers

    Just some bloggers I really like

    Dec 27 2022
  7. I'm Counting Goats!


    Dec 21 2022
  8. Thoughts on Hackerspaces

    And some other stuff too

    Dec 21 2022
  9. Deploy Github Pages with Jinja and Github Actions

    Github Pages with Jinja and TailwindCSS

    Jun 14 2022
  10. Migrating from tmux to Kitty

    .txt config files should rule all

    Jun 12 2022
  11. Path Planning

    A* Path Planning

    Sep 15 2020
  12. Particle Simulation

    Particle Simulation

    Aug 15 2020
  13. Fluid Simulation

    Fluid Simulation

    Jul 15 2020
  14. Cloth Simulation

    Cloth Simulation

    Jun 15 2020


Particle Simulation

Jul 20 ā€” Aug 20

A particle system capable of complex behavior, such as billboarding, streaking, texturing, and more written in Processing

Path Planning Game

Jun 20 ā€” Jul 20

An interactive program demonstrating A* path planning and probabilistic roadmaps. Written in Java with Processing, which is based on OpenGL

AR Physicalizations

Apr 20 ā€” May 21

Using Vuforia AR SDK, building a system for combining biogeochemistry data with physical geospatial models

CPU Raytracer

Jan 20 ā€” Mar 20

A raytracer from scratch written in C++ on up to two cores with multiple samples per pixel


Jun 17 ā€” Aug 17

An iOS game built with Swift and SpriteKit


Jan 17 ā€” Feb 17

A randomized local restaurant recommender